About Me

I’m Betsy and I’m a jeweller based in Geelong, Victoria.

I work in silver, copper and brass.  I hand make each piece of my jewellery.  I love silver but find working with brass and copper amazing!  The ability to achieve different colours and textures in these metals is so awesome.  You will see different shades of reds, purples and oranges in some of my copper pieces and polished or natural finishes in other copper pieces.  Brass and copper look amazing as they age!!!

You will find a lot of my pieces are influenced by the colours and textures of nature.  Leaves and leaf imprint are particular favourites for me.  All the metal I use is 100% recycled, which is very important to me.

I love handmade jewellery and I love living in Geelong.  The two go together so well.  The amazing artistic community here has provided me with encouragement and inspiration.  I am originally from Canada but have lived in Australia for over 20 years and Geelong for over 8 years.

I spent most of my life believing I didn’t have an artistic side.  I discovered jewellery making through my love of going to artisan markets and seeing all of the beautiful silver jewellery.  It inspired me to find out more about how it is made. I signed up for a introduction course with Annie Broadway, a local Geelong jeweller.  Well, I discovered I do have an artistic side and I’m actually pretty good at it.  This all happened around my 50th birthday.  While I wish I had discovered my talent and artistic side earlier in life, I’m just so happy I did discover it.

I love to share my story with others, as I hope to inspire others who are later in life to give something new a try.  Hey, even those in earlier life – give it a try, because you won’t know until you do.